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Im planning to buy my first ever console tomorrow.and im having a problem deciding betwwen a ps3 nd xbox.?


ok so i decided upon the ps3 320 gb move bundle but when i saw the xbox controller i went gaga.if I go with the xobx i’ll get only 4gb in the price and no kinect.

If i buy a ps3 which game should i pick up first(im thinking ac:revelations)

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  1. Don’t buy the 4 gig console , it’s useless if you ever want to buy downloadable games and since some games install up to 4 gigs you’d be limited to playing one game at a time or have to delete the data for the first to play another game , basically you either completely finish one game at a time or restart the games over and over

    You can’t even buy map packs on the 4 gig console because you need more memory than that

    You’re better off buying the ps3 , it has the bigger hard drive , a blu-ray player for those new 3D and full HD movies ( xbox cannot play HD movies or 3D ) and the ps move is a better version of kinect because it uses a camera too plus can play full hardcore games like killzone 3 using the motion controls ( kinect is only good for casual games or dance games )

    ps3 also does not cost an other $60 per year just to play online , all your xbox live $60 card gets you is you are allowed to play online games , ps3 includes that free so you can use that $60 to buy a game or if you buy $60 in playstation network card can buy from 3 to 10 games to download onto your ps3.

    the ps3 controller is pretty easy to use and if you really want an xbox style one they sell them for ps3 made by 3rd party manufacturers.

    My advice is look at the exclusives each system has and buy the console with the better exclusives

    the main xbox 360 excluxives are halo and gears of war ( first person shooters ) and Fable

    ps3 exclusives include Uncharted series. god of war series , resistance series , infamous series , heavy rain , ratchet and clank series , gran turismo 5 , little big planet series , modnation racers and more.

    your first game should be either one of the assassins creed games , infamous 1 or infamous 2 , the uncharted bundle pack ( uncharted 1 and uncharted 2 with a controller for only $59 ) , the god of war collection or the god of war origins bundle ( 2 god of war games plus controller for $59 )

  2. I honestly like PS3 better. 4GB with kinect is the same price as a brand new PS3 with a huge hard drive. PS3 has free online if you want to save money on play Call of Duty or Battlefield 3. Some of my friends got XBOX to play with other friends. My other friend got a PS3 instead and he never regretted it. He’s actually glad that I talked him into getting a PS3 instead of being in a dilemma (problem) like you are now. XBOX has games like Halo and Gears of War if you ever wanted those.

  3. Xbox with Kinect.

    -Supper easy to install (even if you never own an xbox before)

    -Has built in memory (old 360 didn’t)

    -You can add flash drives for even More memory (not xbox 360 memory card that cost $60, normal flash drive you can pick up for $20)

    -Has built in Wi-Fi nothing to install to connect xbox live (old 360 you had buy an antenna)

    -You can control the xbox main menu with your VOICE, say xbox, say game, voice command soo Neat and Easy, so if your controller battiers die no biggy just tell it what to do!! No controller needed.

    -Kinect games are way More Fun then Wii, my 65 yr old mother (grandma) was playing with the kids everyone was laughing, jumping and enjoyed it!!

    -Kinect games are easier then Wii for little kids but Fun for adults too.

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