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Do We have to buy a brand new Xbox One?


Ok so I’ve recently bought an Xbox One 500GB, but now they’re releasing an Xbox One 1TB. But I was wondering if we could restore our memory from Xbox one 500gb to 1TB console. Or will we get a discount if we return our Xbox 500gb for a new 1TB console. Thanks

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  1. Don’t bother you can buy a 1 T HDD USB 3.0 drive for $55. That will give you 1.5 T total for the same price.

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  2. Just buy 1TB or 2TB external hard drive to store more games

    1TB – [url is not allowed].

    2TB – [url is not allowed].

    Go with 2TB external hard drive which will store upto 100 games. To upgrade, plug the hard drive into one of the three USB 3.0 ports (two on the rear, one on the side), when the Xbox One is on

    Press the Menu button, select Settings, select System, then select Manage storage.

    Select your storage device, then select Format for games & apps

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  3. Depends on where you bought it, if they would give you a discount or not.

    As far as transferring data from One to One, not sure

  4. I would agree with the option of buying at least a 1TB external hard drive. No need to get a whole new system if all you want is more storage space.

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