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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review


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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review


  1. I feel like this guy kinda missed the point of the plot. The main conflict of the story really wasn't what was actually happening on screen. I felt like the point was determining whether or not Silas was actually telling true stories, or whether"Silas" was even the real Silas at all. That's why the story levels are so dominated by the characters in the bar discussing the truth. That's why those levels might end so anticlimactically. It's supposed to look as though Silas was just making things up as he went along, and keep the player guessing about the truth of what actually happened at those events. Those nuggets of truth that GC criticized I felt were there only in part to pay lip service to the real wild west. Moreso, they were put there for a collectible, making the arcade aspect more fun, and to make the player question the truth of Silas' story, through their title, and the stories they told.

    I mean, it's not great, and it's definitely no in-depth piece, but I feel like they accomplished what they set out to. By no means does this mean that everybody should love it, but I feel like GC just got wayyyy to demeaning towards anybody that liked the story, when he didn't even recognize what the main conflict even was.

  2. On the other side you need to take this as someones opinion, you say that these moments when you rewind back kill the plot, I say it makes it even better, so I think you shouldnt spend 5 out 6 mins of the rewiev on what you dont like on the story, as lot of people will have very different opinions, but that is just MY opinion 🙂

  3. For the price this looks amazing! It's also not set during world war two, hasn't got any zombies, and doesn't include wall jumping or mechs (or atleast, I really hope it doesn't : )

    Also, the walking dead is not really comparable as it is a completely different genre. If you had named another first person western shooter we could play at the end of the video instead of this one, then fair enough.

  4. Honestly, I don't consider the dueling thing a legitimate argument. I think he just sucks at dueling; it's not the game's fault.

  5. one of my favorite arcade games…its worth the 3 dollars I paid for.  reminds me a bit of bulletstorm

  6. So you don't like it because it's not historically accurate? Seariously, what did you expect, it's a friggen shoot 'em up!

  7. dude, the way the narratives of the characters change the story ways what made the story unique and interesting.

  8. I can see where you're coming from, but I think you might have missed a vital piece of thematics: it's not just a story about the old west, it's a story about how the old west is portrayed, and has been exploded into the titanic myth that it is today. It's a story being TOLD, meant to serve as a kind of counterpoint to the "Revisionist Western," which is all about removing the fun, rollicking aspects of the setting in favor of more historical accuracy. That's why he runs up against so many historical figures, and why the collectibles that tell actual history are called "nuggets of truth-" it's a story about how history has gotten blown way out of proportion. With regards to finding out about his motivation late in the game, that also seems thematically appropriate – Silas himself has kind of forgotten WHY he became such a murderous bastard in the first place, and the hunt has become more important that event he's trying to avenge. You probably won't see this – old review and all, but if you do, let me know if any of this rings true for you.

  9. can't believe you didn't mention call of juarez bound in blood once in this review that game had pretty much everything you wanted from this game it wasn't perfect but was a great western gem

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