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Advanced Warfare How to Upgrade to Xbox One – Says “unavailable” (Free Upgrade Program)


Advanced Warfare How to Upgrade to Xbox One - Says

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare console showdown: Xbox One vs. Xbox 360


  1. That's horseshit! I can't believe it. I bought it on disc and I get punished. Oh well, thanks for explaining it.

  2. Xbox one:Lords of the fallen,Tombraider,Destiny vanguard armory,Fallout 3,Roblox,NBA live 16,NBA live 15, battle block theater, bo3 nuketown map.

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  3. was there a time period for this cause I just got an Xbox one and all I get is bundles only and I bought it digitally on 360

  4. Wait so if I get AW for Xbox 360 on the disc and I get AW on the disc too, will my dlc be in the new gen (PLS Reply)

  5. i have the xbox 360 disc version of advanced warfare and i installed the game to my 360 so once i get my xbox one on xmas i can get advanced warfare for free on the xbox one? or i cant

  6. what if I had the disc on 360 but I downloaded the game too so that I could play it even if I broke my disc would it work!!?!?!? HELP

  7. If I have all my stats on my Xbox One and i buy and download the game on 360 will the stats still transfers over like my prestige and medals?

  8. Xbox one only
    I go first
    I have
    -witcher 3
    -halo master chief collection
    -plants vs zombies
    -Ea access games

    What I want
    Advance warfare season pass
    Whatever else you have
    Gamertag – I Run Tacticals

  9. this goes to show that the campaign runs fine on the 360 all they need to do was turn some up and low some of its settings changes some texture and lower the graphic and edit the campaign at some point like when they crash in soeal they didn't had that black screen.

  10. This tell us that black ops 3 run just fine on 360 but the ugly port was done on porpuese to have People to buy the new ones that be the ps4 or xbox one, so sad

  11. have both systems and theres a good deal of difference in quality and graphics. XONE is clearly better. js. but 360 is good too
    so if u own a 360 just have fun with it. i still play MGS phantom pain on it. 😉

  12. Is it worth paying all that extra? I got a 360 slim in mint condition with gta5 and black ops for £60 and it plays like a dream! The graphics are a little better on the xbox but not massively different! Not enough to warrant spending £250 on something you use now a couple of times a day, unless you're still living at moms and have no sex life

  13. ▶ Obtenir votre PS4 gratuitement
    => SonyPS4 .fr !!!! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare console showdown: Xbox One vs. Xbox 360

  14. For me, I feel like graphical comparison videos on YouTube often help to show some differences between what looks better between the consoles, but I think it's more helpful to have the consoles and game in question and to do the comparisons on your own to see what you think. Does this make sense to anyone else or is it just me?

  15. sad thing For 360/PS3 Users next COD Cant get Single Player and Season Pass Anymore+30FPS
    and its 50$…WUTS?

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