Xbox Live Membership. Help?

Xbox Live Membership. Help?


My brother and I share and xbox, and i was wondering if there is anyway possible that we could buy just one subscription for both accounts?

I mean it makes no sense, other than microsoft just wanting my money, to have to buy two cards for one xbox.

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  1. The only way to do this would be Kay buy the live on one account an you both just use that one account,the xbox live card works for one account only not the console. It may seem like a silly thing but they have there reasons( one being money) but that’s the only way it works.

  2. also another reason is because you can simply recover your account on a different xbox so basically youd steal membership from them

  3. Just use the same account as they is no way to share membership, and they do want your money so thats why they do it. Some games allow you to have a guest with you so you can both play some games at the same time.

  4. no it isn’t possible. And the reason microsoft makes you pay is so users can get DLC and movies and ETC. much earlier than other systems. If you dont buy DLC’S then switch to PS3

  5. I suggest you guys share, or perhaps you could invest in a 1month card which is about 7.99

    or there is the family pack option available they have.

  6. Not unless you want to use the same gamertag but usually brother n sister dont agree one wants like

    IMMAGIRL42 n the other wants THATDAMNGUY or something so unless you agree on one gamertag to share then no you need to buy to member ship cards

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