Xbox live help!!?

Xbox live help!!?


Lets start at the beginning. I made an account for xbox live an said i am under 18 and asked for an adult account and my parent linked his gmail account witch had no pay pal/credit card number( neither did the one I signed in as) then I got my account and it gave me a silver account and I put in a two day gold pass and on the very minute it was supposed to expire it diddnt and I kept playing for the next week and online it said I still had a silver account but I could still play. I want to know if I am somehow getting charged or could get in trouble. Thanks for taking your time to read this:)

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  1. There’s an option to discontinue the auto charge feature of Xboxlive. However, if you have already transition your Xboxlive account to adult status it would remove your previous billing information so you’ll have to re-enter it anyways. so no you’re chill with your poppy.

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