Xbox live accounts?

Xbox live accounts?


this is hard to explain:

if i retrieve my xbox live account on 2 different xbox 360’s, will my gamescore and online acheivements be the same on both xboxs (even if i get more on the other) or will i have to retreive my account on the other xbox 360 every time i get extra gamescore/achievements?

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  1. Well you cant have the same profile be ACTIVE on two different consoles. If you wanna have to use it for one console, youll have to retrieve it to use on another console and retrieve all over again to play it again on the first console.

    It’s the same tag so no matter what console you get the achievements on, itll be the same achievements and gamerscore on both consoles. If you play it on console #1 and get an achievement, it wont reflect on the console #2 because as far as XBOX is concerned your gamertag is no longer on console #2 since you transported the tag to console #1. Once you retrieve the tag again back to console #2, then itll update itself and reflet your current gamertag score.

    If you want my opinion, retrieving your gamertag back and forth between consoles is a huge pain! Especially when the servers dont happen to be working properly. Its actually much easier to transport my XBOX with me everywhere i go rather than deal with retriving gamertag BS.

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