Xbox Cannot Connect to router.?

Xbox Cannot Connect to router.?


So there i was playing BF3 and i got disconnected to xbox live and then I cannot reconnect anymore for some reason. My iPod and Laptop both work perfectly but for some reason I cannot connect. When i select on my router on the setup it sees it and then i select it but it cannot connect to the router for some reason.

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  1. Turn off your xbox and turn it back on.

    Go to network settings.

    click on your network.

    Configure network.

    Write down your ip address.

    Now, I’m assuming you have a linksys router.

    If you have a different brand then this guide might not work.

    If you have a different router just look up “How to port forward on whatever router you have”

    But on linksys

    Go on a web browser

    Type as the url

    Click enter

    Enter your username and password.

    Then go on the applications and gaming tab.

    I would provide you with a link but I’m on my phone and I don’t remember the link. So go on google and type in “What ports do I have to forward for xbox 360”

    And you will get a list of ports there.

    I know 3 of the ports are 80, 88 and 3074.

    Once you type in the ports on your router make sure you pick whether they’re tcp udp or both, and make sure you write down your xbox ip address under the “forward to” list.

    Click the check box that says enable.

    Save settings.

    Turn your xbox off and back on and try to connect

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