Xbox 360 Help, (not the red ring of death)?

Xbox 360 Help, (not the red ring of death)?


I’ve had my xbox 360 over 2 years, and just recently when I was playing a couple games on Halo 3 my screen (Tv screen went checkered black) , so I thought it was the Tv not the 360, but lo and behold when I plugged my 360 into another tv(this time a flat screen hdtv) the same thing happend while I was playing a differnt game. Its starting to get to me , because its not the red ring, the console appears to be fine and overall this situation has only happened like 4 times. But still I am worried if any of you know about this problem and can direct me to a solution Id really appreciate it, thanks.

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  1. This had with my brother also. well i think u should give it for servicing or the repair shop. i think it is some internal problem or the software might have got corrupt any of the two.

  2. Well i think ur box is getting nearer to ring of death. Same happened to me it was like 2.3 months that some times my box freezed in games or screen looked black and mixed colors and it freezed on startup logo and some times ring of death appeared but after a reset it worked and now my box is all dead. Well thats what happened to me dont wanna make u sad. Its best if u call Microsoft and discuss the issue.

  3. I found a guide on fixing the RRoD!

    [url is not allowed]

    It has information on how to:

    1: Causes

    2: Prevention

    3: Fixes

    4: Stats

    Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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