Xbox 360 blurry on HD tv?

Xbox 360 blurry on HD tv?


I got my HD tv today and set my xbox up but it’s quite blurry! At the moment it’s running through standered av as I don’t get HD component till wed any ideas on how to stop blur

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  1. The standard cables which come with the Xbox 360 will produce a blurry picture. All games on the 360 are designed to be run at 720p or around this. If your tv supports full HD, then the Xbox “upscales” them and to its credit they do look slightly crisper. However if your cables can’t feed the tv an HD signal, the xbox compresses not only the screen resolution, but also all textures are downscaled too. Hence the bluriness.

    You need either component or HDMI to run a High Definition picture. Red/White/Yellow is only really designed for standard old cathode ray tube TVs.

  2. It will be blurry on a HD TV if you haven’t got the HDMI yet, it’d probably seem better on a standard definition TV with the AV leads. Don’t worry, just be patient until you get the HDMI and bam, you’ll see it all crystal clear.

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