Will the new, just announced, xbox 360 be able to be traded...

Will the new, just announced, xbox 360 be able to be traded for?


If you don’t know what I’m talking about: [url is not allowed].

I was wondering, since it’s the same price as the 360s that are out now, could someone trade in their current xbox 360 and trade it for the new one? That may be obvious, but will you still have to pay for it? As in, would someone have to pay quite a few bucks to buy it even with the traded-in xbox 360? or will it be the same value? As in, not paying money or just very little money?

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  1. it is the same price as the previous xbox, but there will most likely be deals regarding trading in an old one for a couple dollars of a new one.

  2. well for the first month these new xboxes will be gone as soon as they touch the shelf. so getting them will be difficult and depending on the year of your 360 if you trade it in you will only get a little more than 100 or so

  3. No,once you leave the store with a 360 its value goes dowm to $150 at most.

    gamestop said the will no longer be buying the old models.so the answer is NO!

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