Will my xbox 360 overheat?

Will my xbox 360 overheat?


Xbox 360 on carpet, right next to my air conditioner, and power adapter on top of air conditioner.

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  1. i wouldnt put it on carpet cos the carpet will prob build up the heat and also dust will get stuck in it.i keep mine on a glass surface and mine hasnt even started to heat up but might just be elites not too sure

  2. Yes it will. the AC doesnt really do anything but take the mositure out of the air and the power brick isnt safe either because if you put it ontop of the AC it still gets heat from it. Plus the 360 is on a carpet

  3. Probably not, but try not to put it on any carpet, it could collect dust inside of the console and your console might break. (Try and put your Xbox 360 on a hard surface.)

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