When will the Playstation network come back up?

When will the Playstation network come back up?


i really miss playing black ops online :( when will the playstation network be up for users to play online games again?
its been down for 3 days!!:(

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  1. i AM SOOOOOO MAD HOPefully it will be back by tuesday is what i heard. i wanna get to 15th prestige by te end of spring break im 13th right now. add me when it gets bac : Fudgecakekwes

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  2. Tomorrow or the day after. Apparently someone hacked Sony and got into the admin accounts for PSN and could access anything so everything had to be shut down.

  3. Actually it’s been down 2 today is the 3 rd and once today is over then it will be 3 lol loser you fail!

  4. shouldnt be long now :)

    feels so long when its down. ive seen me go like 2 weeks without going on PSN and now that its down all i want to do is go online xD

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