What to do with this xbox problem?

What to do with this xbox problem?


First off my wireless network adaptor does not have a light turn on or else it is staying red( i have wireless internet it is configured). Also my wired controller has a light saying that it is in the 1st player position but no lights on the rings show that.

The only lights on the xbox itself is the power light. it shows it like no controller is attached but i can navigate everything on the dashboard.

It will not let me connect to live (which i was just on until it froze)

It has been freezing up almost constantly

If anyone knows what is going on or any ideas reply back

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  1. Call xbox at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269) and they will help you out

    they have a new message talking abotu it its been freezing you may need a repair

    my advise go register your xbox and file a repair and get it shipped in and fixed

    if you get the three redrings its free

    2 red rings are free too because i have had both of them and shipped two diffrent xbox’s in

  2. Sounds like faulty hardware but, not red ringed or anything I’ve heard of try calling microsoft, you might have to send it in look on xbox.com for the number. Should take 1-2 weeks for repair process.

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