The Technomancer Review

The Technomancer Review


The Technomancer Review


  1. just finished it it's not bad. Overall it has fun gameplay and characters. but it just needed a bit more but overall not bad.

  2. 7/10 game, 4.7/ign's review.. It's a decent game if u care about the atmosphere, story not bad at all

  3. I was missing the witcher after beating the expansions. the gameplay in this is def. as close as it gets and there is a very large variety of it, the combat can be very challenging but sometimes in a cheap way rather than a smart way.

  4. You can kind of tell that this is a bit more skeptical than it is rational. Which is like the classic downfall of bad critiquing…

  5. I was kinda with you until the criticism of the combat. If you can dodge attacks and jump back in like this game then there is room to improve skill wise. The battles are fairly balanced in my opinion but if you can't handle it then why not just drop the difficulty?

  6. I agree with a lot of what they said but I still think the game deserves a 5 at least cause it's better than a lot of the triple A shit we got last year and came from a B-list developer, and it still feels fun to play. At least for me

  7. So basically it's like dragon's Dogma. A lot of good ideas taken from better games, but the execution is so sloppy that all these ideas are half baked and don't harmonize.
    Apparently Technomancer and Dragon's Dogma are examples that didn't pull off a mix match of action and rpgs.
    Those that did would be Kingdoms of Amular and argueably the better version of Shadow of Mordor.

  8. i just saw that you scored Dragon Quest: Heroes 6.2 WTH!! why the hell did you score this 4.9 if you give that shitty game a 6.2. please i would like to hear some explanation here.

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