Steins;Gate Review

Steins;Gate Review


We take a look into the visual novel game that inspired a popular anime!

Steins;Gate Review


  1. Excellent and unique review. The way you injected yourself into the review was great. Subscribed.

  2. The ; universe is quite odd. Firstly, the people who can turn delusions into reality don't quite fit in. The rest I know mostly fits. The entire universe seems to run on electrical pulses, allowing the non physical human to do many things, such as exist on a different frequency, travel through time, travel time lines, and….. create things?? (the explanation changes, but it's based around the idea that if you believe it exists, it does)
    The ; universes hurts my head. I wish for a simple time, when I didn't know about the shared universe. And one last thing, the government has strange religious groups with to much time and money. So far they made a "time machine", a device to keep you alive after death, and a device that can alter reality itself.

  3. that tattoo is quite awkward. helpful review though. its on sale on steam though still quite pricey

  4. You're a great actress! That review was funny and informative. Thanks! 😀 I'll buy the steam version now.

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