SBK X: Superbike World Championship Video Feature

SBK X: Superbike World Championship Video Feature


GameSpot UK travels to Paris for a look at both SBK X and Superstars V8 Next Challenge.

SBK X: Superbike World Championship Video Feature


  1. PGR 4 was way better on xbox 360, TESTDRIVE UNLIMITED 1 also, it had street tracks, Macau, It should also include the man tt. Also the street tracks on Moto GP 07 made it much better made the game worth playing when your bikes are in the garage for a service, or when its raining or suspended license, lol. GAME DESIGNERS GET REAL! GIVE US BIKERS WHAT WE WANT. NOW! realistic feel and amazing touring tracks!

  2. Who the fuck cares of career and contracts, seasons. We want touring tracks and bikes, handlebars. and focused replay modes. We are busy people with busy lives. We don't want frustrations, license aquisition bollocks… We want to turn on the xbox ps3 and have a good time. This guy has probably never even sat on a bike in his life!

  3. You just have to go back to Moto GP 07 which THQ did before capcom took over, I never played a better bike game than that. The feel is awesome and the speed also, I don't even ride a bike myself but fell in love with that game.

  4. circuit=boring
    stock bikes on streets with traffic=coolest

    someone please make a tourist trophy handling with all stock bikes cruising around the cities like GHOSTRIDER or make a forza handling with stock cars cruising around the cities like GETAWAY IN STOCKHOLM

  5. all the fucking bike games suck there are top notch car games everywhere with amazing graphics innovative gameplay and addicting fun gameplay, these look like fucking ps2 graphics at best and gameplay is so boring with absolutely no innovation….

    thumbs up if this is agreeable

  6. When will developers finally make a realistic street bike racing ? I'm sure there's a big market of people willing to race a hayabusa or the popular naked 600's through motorways and cities.
    Racing circuits are boring ,and so are professional sport bikes.

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