XBL Gamertag Suggestions?

[Read Details Please] XBL Gamertag Suggestions?


I just joined a new sniping clan on Xbox called, “NiTe.” It was difficult to get in. I need to change my gamertag to be the clan. I would come up with a gamertag quickly, but my clan wants my gamertag to be special. See, I’m a girl. So my clan wants my GT to make it obvious that I’m a girl because I’m the only girl in the clan. The gamertag has to be mature. Not like “NiTe Pink Pandas”.

Some gamertags I’ve been thinking about or exist that have the idea of the clan gamertag flow.

NiTe Insanity

NiTe DeliTe [GT Taken]

NiTe Serenity

NiTe Fuse

OpTic Jewl [GT Obviously Taken]

Basically, any gamertag that would consist a word that would be in an “inspirational quote”. It needs to make it obvious that I’m a girl though. I find it stupid, because I don’t want to be branded as an attention whore, but I really do want to be in the clan.

Can anyone help me think of some?

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