Quantum Rush: Champions Announce Trailer

Quantum Rush: Champions Announce Trailer


Quantum Rush: Champions Announce Trailer


  1. This game is really fun, it has plenty of variety and great visuals and soundtrack! One caveat though for new buyers- the first couple of tiers are really slow and not very exciting. The game gets a LOT better once you obtain the fastest vehicles, tier 7 for instance approaches F-Zero territory! I really enjoyed the variety of environments as well.

  2. So it's like FZero and Wipeout but… on Xbox? I find it funny how exclusives end up with clones that are good enough to be the same game.

  3. I think this looks kinda bad.. Will have to see some better quality footage. Wipeout HD ruined these games for me.

    Quantum redshift was sick back on the OG Xbox

  4. So, they've basically remade Wipeout and added a remix of a track from Tron Legacy to the soundtrack.  Hmmm.

  5. The part of me that greatly misses WipeOut and F-Zero are so happy right now. Wasn't this on PS3 though?

  6. Wow. For once they've stolen an idea that was already made for the PS vita, wipeout 2048. Been there, done that.

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