PS4 UK launch: Sony fans on why PlayStation is better than Xbox...

PS4 UK launch: Sony fans on why PlayStation is better than Xbox One


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Sony’s PlayStation 4 went on sale in Europe at midnight last night, and in London excited fans queued up to be among the first in the territory to get a PS4. The PS4 launches at a price of £349, £80 less than rival Microsoft’s Xbox One machine, and has been pitched by Sony as a console “for the players”. The strategy has won them plenty of fans, especially after Microsoft seemed to be courting a mainstream entertainment focused audience with their console presentations. Sony’s latest console has been out in North America since November 15 and it sold a million units in its first 24 hours on sale. By comparison the Xbox One also shifted a million units in its first 24 hours on sale, but it launched in 13 different countries at once. Report by Laurie Blake.

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PS4 UK launch: Sony fans on why PlayStation is better than Xbox One

UK PS4 Midnight Launch From GAME


  1. we really dont need a video to know why PS4 is better……there's no question about that…..we knew that b4 either console released. PS4 better hardware……better gaming console…..i laugh still tho b/c ppl knew the specs b4 either one came out and ppl still paid 100 more for the xbox…..makes me laugh…..spending MORE money on a weaker system…..classic

  2. Playstation and xbox are the exact same thing! Why do we have to fight about it?! But I prefer playstation still because it's being about since the 1900s xbox has been out since 2001, and playstation has better better graphics, stronger console, and better platform games, and Xbox, is ok

  3. Those of you who bought an xbox one, don't be mad you can still return it and get your money back!

  4. I'm from the United states, and x box one is region free.
    I hope it will play video games from the United Kingdom, I don't know if play station 4 is region free.
    I'm hoping to buy an x box one cricket game from England.

  5. Ps4 controller is a huge improvement of the ps3's, very nice to hold and use but not better then the xbox one controller tbh.

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