PS4 Remote Play on PlayStation TV Tutorial

PS4 Remote Play on PlayStation TV Tutorial


PS4 Remote Play on PlayStation TV Tutorial

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  1. are we all still pretending this works? I regret buying it. You need it to be wired (both systems) in order to play games like rocket league. Completely useless. I'd sooner buy a second PS4 then bother with this shit. How many tvs are within wiring range of your modem? One at most.

  2. People are saying there's no use in buying this You can play and download vital games on your tv While also having the ability of remote play

  3. Can I use a different PSN on the PS TV while I'm using mine on the PS4 in th other room ?, so I can play my cousin in a 1V1 on cod ??

  4. Ive got an 1080p main television with my PS4 connected and Ive have my PS TV in the bedroom on a 32" 720p television and when I link them and connect the television goes black, but I hear meny sounds.. Is thats because the tv is 720p even if the damn thing only stream 720p….

  5. this is cool device i like it good for when you go out of town, hotel, or just away from home for a while u can still remote play the ps4 and play all the game downloaded or whatever disc u have in away from home without disconnecting and packing up the ps4 or when the holidays come up u can stream it to another room in the house

  6. I have a question please help see coz a gameshare with my mate see when a log my username into the ps TV system will some off the games we gameshare drop working because his username isn't on the ps TV or will it still work because it's running through my ps4? Please help thanks

  7. I'm sending mine back, so badly advertised. Only logs into one profile? What's the point of that? I want to be able for everyone to use it not have to use the same profiles. It's pointless waste of money.

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