ps3 game download error help plz?

ps3 game download error help plz?


I bought cod: black ops 2 for ps3 through the psnetwork and every time I try to download, it downloads but when I install it, it glitches at 14%. My questions are: Do I need to be logged in when it is downloading? it still kept downloading when I was logged off. second of all, If I pause the download, turn my ps3 off than, turn it on wait about a min and than un-pause it again, will it download normally? Please show me all requirements for a successful download and install on psn. best answer will be picked as long as it is correct. Thank you.


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  1. For a truly successful, full, proper download:

    1) Leave the PS3 ON.

    2) Leave the downloading running, ALL THE TIME, until it is finished.


    4) Once the download is finished, install it immediately.

    As it is, it sounds like the current download is corrupt. Delete it and re-download, following the above steps.

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