PS3 DNS Error 80710102?

PS3 DNS Error 80710102?


Hi, I recently bought a PS3 slim and am trying to get online but am having a nerve wracking time doing it.

I am using a wired connection, and am running my ethernet cable from my PS3 directly to my laptop, as I am using an Optus Mobile Broadband USB.

I’ve done all the steps, enabled internet sharing from my Optus USB, entered the DNS servers and IP’s manually both on the PS3 and my computer and nothing works.

When I try to connect automatically via the PS3, I just get an error IP timeout notice, so I enter the detials manually, and it tells me it locates my IP successfully, but fails at the next step which is when I get that DNS 80710102 error.

What is the problem? Where can I go from here, I know I sound a bit lost, but thats only because ive spent literally days trying to figure this out with NO success what so ever.

If anyone can help me that would be much appreciated.


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  1. Today I will give you a solution of DNS Error 80710102 occurs in PlayStation. The dns error 80710102 occurs because of internet connection problem. When you are trying to connect your PlayStation with internet connection, then error 80710102 arise. So there are problems with dns and internet connection.

    SOLUTION: [url is not allowed].

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