Project Gotham Racing 4 Review HD GT

Project Gotham Racing 4 Review HD GT


Project Gotham Racing 4 Review HD GT


  1. Lol @ faggots thinking its better then forza u guys are such haters forza is too much for u stick to old racers thats where u belong lolol

  2. I used to love project gotham racing dunno what happened to the company i know there is a project cars but i dont think their the same company

  3. I miss PGR so damn much.  Sure every new game lost something I liked and I didnt like PGR 2 but I love MSR, PGR1 and PGR 4 so much that I still have copies of them even though I dont have there systems anymore.  PGR 1 is still the best though because they modeled huge sections of the cities instead of just deciding what streets to make into tracks.  For instance it had a free run mode where you can just drive around an area of the city.  Then there where the real radio stations that can play music from your Xbox library that was removed in the later games.

  4. Pgr 2 was the last one I played a decade ago didnt realize they released a 3rd and 4th one this brings back aot of childhood memories…

  5. this was the best non-sim game ever.
    it's funny how the review says 'it fails to break any sort of new ground' when the games coming out NOW still don't have a lot of the stuff you see in here. specially funny how he praises forza 2 which was a pretty much a slightly improved version of forza 1 ported to the xbox360. an in fact i liked forza 1 better. forza only caught this level of polish in the 4th installment (even though i liked all forza games to date)

  6. I miss this game. I probly logged a good thousand laps of the ring in pgr2, then 3 was amazing with the incar view, and 4 brought weather and bikes! Oh, and bikes dont turn as fast as cars, thats why they feel "heavy" to the reviewer. Why did they ever give up on this franchise?! It pwns nfs!

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