Playstation 3 wont play playstation 2 games?

Playstation 3 wont play playstation 2 games?


My brother got a playstation 3 because our playstation 2 broke.but it dosent play playstation 2 games. Why is that? If you could help me that would be great.we have a ton of playstation 2 games that we dont just want to get rid of.

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  1. They don’t make PS3’s that play PS2 games anymore. Lucky for me, my 80GB PS3 still plays them. You need to buy a PS2 for that. It’s only $99 now. Good luck!

  2. Simple fact is, only the first batches of PS3s played PS2 games, the current ones don’t. Speculation that they might update it but I’m not holding my breath on it. Its a shame I know, I just bought another PS2, what a console!

  3. Newer PS3’s can’t play PS2 games, only PSOne.

    They even have it said in the back of the box.

  4. Only certain PS3 systems play ps2 games the very first one and one of the 80 GB ones. Click on the link below and it will show a list of model numbers for PS3 systems and which ones actually have backwards compatibility. Then you will know if you have one that is just broken or what i am guessing one that does not play ps2 games

  5. Only PS3s that play PS2 games (also known as backwards compatible which means they have the hardware required to play ps2 games)are the 20gb (CECHB01 version) the 60gb (CECHA01 and CECHC01 version) and the “old” 80gb (CECHE01 version) NOTE: All versions that play PS2 games as of now are discontinued (you won’t find them at stores but you can buy them at ebay, amazon, craigslist or game stop used though).

    Remember: if the PS3 doesn’t have 4 USB slots it won’t be backwards compatible with any PS2 game like the the discontinued 40gb(CECHG01 and CECHH01 versions)”new” 80gb (CECHK01

    CECHL01 versions),160gb(CECHP01), the PS3’s out now are 120gb (CECH-2001A) and 250gb (CECH-2001B) won’t play PS2 game but

    every PS3 can play PS1 games!

  6. It is probably the ps3 version that doesn’t have either the software of hardware emulator for the ps2 games. I think the version is either the 20 GB or 40 GB version.

    edit: you can get the silver ps2 for 99 dollars if you really wanted to. check it out here:

    [url is not allowed].

  7. only a couple models of the PS3 play PS2 games, it’s such a drag i know. they usually don’t sell the versions that do play the ps2 games either. these models are like the 20 and 60gb ones i think? but not completely sure.

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