My xbox kills my discs *URGENT*?

My xbox kills my discs *URGENT*?


I have the original Xbox 360 not the Xbox S 360, and the problem is i keep getting the perfect circle scratches. I’m not moving my Xbox at all, regardless if its on or not. I can’t find this problem on anywhere, it only tells me that the disc is damaged. I played GoW 3 and after 5 days it broke, and since then any game I put in my xbox gets the circle scratch. I want to send it in to Microsoft but I cant figure out how because i need the label thing from them. I know how the send-in works because I got RROD twice. I suspect that the laser thing is off and its too close to the disc. I need help urgently because Halo Anniversary comes out in 2 weeks and I NEED to play that on the release date.Please help.

Also if you can please tell me how much it will cost (no warranty), and if there is any chance that i will get it back by the 15th of november.

Thank you for any help you can give me

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  1. something around the laser where your xbox is stuck in place maybe and it thinks you have it upside down or moving it you could just take the xbox apart and look at the disc drive.

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