Knights Contract (PS3)

Knights Contract (PS3)


Knights Contract - PS3/X360 - E3 Trailer


  1. You mean it was released 2 years ago….whereas all the good games have been released NOW.

    Which I disagree with, plenty of good games came out 2 years ago.

    But regardless, this game still sucked, if they made this game play like this trailer it would probably been seen as a great new IP, but they didn't and they failed. Also looking forward to 2013 gaming, so many games with great potential.

  2. Whoa Man revolutionary Graphics !! Seriously Try to think of a game that has better Character Mesh!?

  3. The treailers looked awesome, and had neat ideas, not a terrible game, but mediocre and not really worth the time playing it

  4. @whiteboigamerpro You could try White Knight Chronicles (Part One) International Edition

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