i need some help with xbox live!?! easy!?

i need some help with xbox live!?! easy!?


hey everyone im getting a xbox 360 pretty soon so i need some info on xbox live. i am in love with halo 3 and im wondering can you play it online with just a silver membership? (or must it be gold) also i need to know how much does it cost to do gold membership and is it worth getting it? thanks!

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  1. yes you need a XBL gold. however if you got your xbox new here is a way to get free XBL for a month. You need to create your XBL account on YOUR XBOX not on your computer. just keep saying that you will not be buying XBL gold and eventually they will offer a one month free trial. You can do this a total of 3 times. And if you wish to buy your XBL gold membership walmart has them for $5 off right now, or at least they did last night. So it costs $45 for 1 year. and when you connect to XBL on the dashboard there are often offers that will give you 5 months for the price of 3 months, and other offers somethign along these lines.

    hope this helps

    P.S. Halo 3 is awesome

  2. You need gold membership to play any game online. And yes its worth it, $50 a year for unlimited online game play is amazing.

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