How can I play music from iTunes on my PC to My...

How can I play music from iTunes on my PC to My xbox 360?


but when i plug my ipod in. The songs i have bought from iTunes dont show up. Is there a way I can change the format or something.

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  1. Here is what you will do.

    You first need to have your iPod and the USB cord.

    Next, you hook the two together and then hook the cord into the USB port on your XBOX 360.

    Go into your menu screen and into music.

    It should pop up.

  2. Straight from iTunes is a little hard, because the 360 will only play UNPROTECTED AAC files. Meaning that anything you get from iTunes is protected, therefore unable to play on a 360, if you copy them to a flash drive.

    The only way I know how to do it is to download it to an iPod, and then USB your iPod to your XBox. It should pop up in your music that way. but for my XBox I had to download the “Optional Media Update” when I got it to do so. I’m not sure if that’s still necessary.

  3. stick the music on a flash drive then download it from the stick onto the hard drive on the console.

  4. there is a multy card reader for 20$ that reads every format of music and reads SD and Micro SD cards from cell phones, allowing you to listen to your cell’s music

    or you can hook up your console to the computer and follow the neccessary steps to sync ur 360 to your computer and just steam the music off of your computer.

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