How can I change my xbox 360 profile screen?

How can I change my xbox 360 profile screen?


The screen that comes up when you press the ‘xbox’ button. I’ve seen some videos with the screen covering the whole screen and being gray/red/green etc. but mine is just the white one. Do I need a Elite xbox or can I change it?
the xbox button on the controller

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  1. If I’m correct, what you are talking about is the theme.

    My xbox is downstairs and in use at the moment so I can’t check

    But I think you have to go to edit profile, change theme, something like that. I will update later.

  2. i think that you are looking at older versions of the dashboard. the button in the center of the controller is called the guide button and when you press it, it just brings up the guide. there is no way to change that unless you are running a modded xbox. there is an update coming dec 6th and maybe you have seen some preview pictures of that version of the dash.

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