help on ps3 online REALLY ANOYING ME!?

help on ps3 online REALLY ANOYING ME!?


i axedently got got rid of all the online settings so i had to start my online account again my ps3 picked up the router downstairs and my computer picked up my ps3 i had everything right apart from the ip address i got the ip address from my computer on the controll panel and when i pumped it into the ps3 it will only let me cancell it will not let me go foward could somebody please help where do i find my ip address! if your a ps3 owner you will o how addictive online is and i really want to go on it lol

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  1. The PS3 should be able to automatically detect your IP address. Just go to settings on your ps3, go down to network settings, select manual (or custom, I forget what it says, just don’t select easy when when prompted.) if you keep going, you should you should be asked whether you want it to automatically find your Ip address.

    I think what what you have to do is perform a scan and just select your connection. (It should give you a list of ssid’ to choose from.

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