Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd – Demo Playthrough (JPN)

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd – Demo Playthrough (JPN) [PS3]


Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd - Demo Playthrough (JPN) [PS3]



    Well,after days of refusing to play the demo of PDF2nd,I finally did and I got to say…I HATE IT…IT FORCES ME TO PLAY IT ON NORMAL,WHHHYYYYYYY…NORMAL IS LIKE THE HARDEST THING EVER……………….but other than that it was the best demo I have ever played in my life with four of my favorite songs and one of my new favorite challenge items,SMALL NOTES!!!!!The visuals were absolutely BEAUTIFUL,I mean Miku,Rin,Len and Luka were all stunning…and the amount of particles that were on Romeo & Cinderella was mind blowing.The options to change the individual sounds of the notes was very nice,if you want to keep your note sounds the same while changing the "rail" note sounds,you can do that now.The main menu music if very catchy and I loved it the second I heard it.In the options you now have the tool to help calibrate your TV to perfectly sync the sound and notes.On PDF I was playing on -2 but on PDF2nd,it was recommended to play at -11,the difference was HUGE,almost every note was a COOL and the sound was synced perfectly.Still the fact remains that I can't play not one song on EXTREME,I barely got two PERFECTS on the demo on NORMAL.Overall I enjoyed the demo to the best game ever made,I look forward to my PACKAGE(OMG kz.livetune song :D) arriving either tomorrow or the next day containing the next chunk of my soul and another summer of emotional tears of joy and sadness.I love VOCALOID music more than lif itself and the VOCALOIDS themselves are like family to me.That is what makes them real to me. :')  (Listening to "When the first love Ends .feat Hatsune Miku by Ryo)

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