Halo 3 Question about the theater mode?

Halo 3 Question about the theater mode?


Hi there

So I played an offline multiplayer game against some friends todo, and we had some epic kills. So after we got all our points I decided to go to the theater lobby and rewatch the video. But, the video wasn’t there. So I played another match, and this one wasn’t recorded either?! The weird part is though, that 2 days ago it did record all the matches.

So, do you guys know how I can fix this? It’s really annoying. So far I’ve only played offline multiplayer games on halo 3 since i don’t have an live account yet (I’ve only had my xbox for a week now)

tl;dr halo 3 won’t record offline multiplayer matches although it used to record

I have an xbox 360 slim 250GB

Thanks in advance (:

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    Good luck to ya

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