Gamestop STAFF Reacts to PS4 Trade !!! CRINGE VIDEO

Gamestop STAFF Reacts to PS4 Trade !!! CRINGE VIDEO


Gamestop STAFF Reacts to PS4 Trade !!! CRINGE VIDEO

PS4 and Xbox ONE (Gamestop's Even Trade-in Value)

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  1. "I hate what Call of Duty is doing" -> Proceeds to sell Sony device for games at a GAMESTOP of all places in retaliation

  2. im sick of what call of duty is doing im going retro – proceeds to buy all call of duty games and nothing retro

  3. I came from Xbox too and the Xbox one is shit……But my BEST FRIEND is trading his Xbox for a ps4 to…..I convinced him too

  4. Can I still trade in my xbox one for a ps4 at gamestop my trade in value for the games and console is $283.50 woiuld that be enough for a ps4?

  5. PS4 has the worst support team ever, get a defective console and you'll see what i mean 😉 it makes me sad cause i grew up with PS but not even 30 days it crashed lol Plus i feel the PS community is full of Douches :3 js!

  6. sony has been slow on they're updates…. i have a ps4…. still no multimedia support there's other stuff that sony promise that would be on the ps4 being slow on the updates.  sony is gonna wait till 2020 to release the good updates,  i hate the interface on the ps4 is almost the same as ps3 i feel like sony could have done more with the interface and not keep it the same,  ps3 is better then the ps4  ….  the d-pad on the ps4 is no good with out the ps cam 

  7. I'm thinking about trading my Xbox One and selling my original Xbox for a PS4. What's the trade in value at GameStop for an Xbox One without Kinect?

  8. U can mute people on xbox one in party's you can get to the party app by saying "xbox to to party" it's easier to get to apps in xbox one because u just say "xbox go to" (said app) and it will go there almost instantly

  9. This i the dumbest video i have seen. What a fucking bunch of BS this douche just spit. WOW.

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