GameSpot Reviews – Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll (PS3)

GameSpot Reviews – Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll (PS3)


GameSpot Reviews - Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll (PS3)


  1. lol who putted this casual mofo to play an jrpg?
    you can clearly tell this dude has never played these kind of games.
    the story is good not great good.
    Don't get discouraged for the text scenes there are various cutscenes
    The only bad or weak points is the pretty limited customization and the graphics
    combat is really good
    this game is unique maybe not in a good way, but for the price vs value/content there is no doubt that if you like jrpgs give this one a go.

  2. this game looks great, i love hack&slash. buuuut what will be make/break for me is; can i block and dodge? i dont wanna MINDLESSLY hack away.

  3. The story is more like a legend or some fairy tale, and the presentation grew on me as I played. There is much good to be said about this game, perhaps from someone who played it enough to know there's nobody named "selena". Thumbs down, you!

  4. this game is awesome i liked the gameplay and the story and the game atmosphere ,, loved the characters stories and their personalty .. overall awesome game for the people that love action rpgs 😀 and sure thing it's stupid to say that we have to buy the game for boobs i think this is in any game .. the one said that is really poor guy XD

  5. There's lots of side quests that is not random quests! 😮
    The story isn't that weak…
    And the music is pretty decent!

  6. the funny thing is than this is a exclusive ps3 game, so this will have a lot critic and haters =D

  7. @JosephStalin11 no! resonance of fate sucks! I had high hope for that game, but it's a suka game! and i'm a great RPG lover.

  8. @Lluminari it's not only about the boobs. This game has also a very good music! Very rememberable.

  9. Battles look fun but it looks like they tore out the heart and just stuck with the bare bones of fighting.

  10. I think I won't get this game and instead I'll buy Resonance of Fate. Looks much better. Better gameplay and graphics. :]

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