final Fantasy 9 ps3 slim 250 gb?

final Fantasy 9 ps3 slim 250 gb?


Hey i was wondering of someone could help me. I have a ps3 slim 250gb and i want to play final fantasy 9 on it, the final fantasy 9 is brand new but when i place it into the PlayStation it brings up the PlayStation logo and then it goes black and nothing happens could some one please help me with this it is really annoying.


  1. You could try inserting one of the other disks instead of disk 1 and seeing if it gets any further. If it does, then you can safely assume there’s a problem with the disk (or at least the ps3’s ability to read that disk).

    If that works, you might be able to choose “start new game” or whatever, then will be asked to insert disk 1 (That’s if the other disks still have the “new game” option, which I don’t remember if they do). Maybe there’s just a problem with the start of the disk or something.

    Is this a game which has worked fine on either a ps1 or ps2 console recently?

  2. you say it brings up an scee logo – that’s sony europe

    if this is a european disc and you have a north american ps3 then it won’t be compatible

    it would have an scea logo for an american disc

    ps1 games have regional controls and won’t play on a console not from the region the game is from

    you might need a different copy or to wait until ff9 is release as a ps1 classic soon

  3. If that’s a PS1 game then it should play! If it doesn’t play then I’m not sure why it won’t since all PS3’s supposedly play PS1 games!

  4. I have this exact same problem, I’ve got a PAL 250GB PS3 slim, and a PAL Final Fantasy IX (SLES-12965). According to the compatibility list it should work, yet when I start it up it just gives the bootscreen, and then goes black.

    (other PAL PS1 games do load)

  5. from my understanding slims are not backwards compatible maybe you need to download the game from the sony store

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