Fight Night Champion Video Review

Fight Night Champion Video Review


Fight Night Champion Video Review


  1. Fight night > UFC
    I love fight night
    Make fight night 2
    Because I can't play it on the next gen consoles

  2. Attention: Fight Night Champion 2 has been in production since early last year it will be released late this year look it up if you don't believe me

  3. Just like so many others, I want a new Fight Night game. I've been playing the series since it was known as Knockout Kings and wish that EA could just forget about UFC and go back to making the fighting game that they actually know how to make.

  4. 10 of 10 one of the games I can live on … we need a new fight night to the new console I can't wait until the next fight night game:'(

  5. I hope they make a boxing wherein Rocky is a main character, and you also get to play Ivan Drago (which is cool)

  6. fight night round 3 was easily the best in the series, making your own fighter, even choosing his shoes..was so good

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