Expert Opinions on Rocksmith 2014 Edition

Expert Opinions on Rocksmith 2014 Edition


Expert Opinions on Rocksmith 2014 Edition


  1. from raw beginner learning how to play, I'm absolutely addicted to Rocksmith and all the benefits it gives.

  2. To bad there's no MetallicA songs available and you don't have to play every note if there's a bunch of the same note in a row. You can play triplets with 1 pick….? Need to improve the accuracy and put MetallicA songs on there, then this game will be perfect.

  3. I am not really a beginner. but I bought this for fun. I HATE that I cant just choose the difficulty. It forces me to play through on baby mode forever before letting me choose to amp the difficulty up a little each time. I got so bored after a few songs I sold it back to gamestop. shit

  4. Only problem is there are times that no matter how much you tune it certain notes suddenly don't take or something

  5. Rocksmith. Can you please do the same program but for Electronic Piano 88- keys . Thank you. I know that a lot of people will be happy about this program.

  6. I got this for Christmas and tried it once. It was awful. I didn't find the interface intuitive or easy to use at all. It kept telling me I missed notes that I had not, because although my guitar was in tune, it for some reason kept misinterpreting notes. Maybe I will try it again, but I hated it.

  7. I actual learned alot about guitar from Marty. I agree with him, its great for practice, building wrist strength, calluses, ect.. But dudes flip the strings so they look like actual tabs. By the default settings they are upside down which is super confusing.

  8. Just got this game. I've been playing for some time and I'm definitely not great but not a beginner either. Not sure if this would be the best way to learn guitar. The visual aspect and the actual physical aspect of playing the guitar combined would be a little much for someone who's never even played a chord. I'm having trouble trying to keep time with the visual aspect but overall I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun and I think it will make me a better guitar player considering I never play with a real band. I'd still say it's a pretty damn cool product

  9. i have the upmost respect for marty scwartz. i've been playing for 8 years and everything i've learned has been from him and it was all free. If i ever meet him ill have to shake his hand and say thank you.

  10. Rocksmith is how I learned guitar. I am now the best in my school with no lessons, just rocksmith.

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