Every PS4 Rumor So Far

Every PS4 Rumor So Far


Every PS4 Rumor So Far

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  1. Who is watching this video at 2017? PS4 Crushed Xbox one ;D

  2. also the ps3 is more advanced and the ps4 will be more advanced that the xbox 360 and xbox one technology-wise

  3. HBO Go?? I have directv,, a pc, and a laptop.
    i dont need HBO on my video game console.
    i just need video games that are worth playing.

  4. stfu about the cheap ram cus the ps4's specs are better than the xbones and ps4 is by far winning the console war, even right now the xbox 360 has been holding sony back, they still use old ass dvds, thats why theres so many good single player games exclusive to ps3

  5. First you were like "lul xbox one for win" and now you are like "Console wars are pointless" Fuck you nigga.

  6. Kai, Why are you bagging on everybody? I agree with Aerios, (Excluding the PC part). MS has made some pretty stupid decisions that has cost them. Although they have tried to patch things up, The damage is done.

  7. Xbox one : Stupid name, pay to play someone ELSES video game, comes with a krap kinect I will never use, and a big uglyass design.

  8. I still don't know what i want to get PS4 or Xbox one and i've been looking around and i read that the PS4's graphics will be 20% better than the xbox one. I want to get BF4 on the next gen consoles and i want to know which console BF4 will best be played on and look better. Do you think the PS4 will have better graphics and be more powerful and have more stuff than the xbox one?

  9. Still not convinced the PS4 is more focused on quality? Microsoft has been actively engaged in shady PR campaigns where they hire companies to upvote comments across the web that look favorable to the Xbox. Then, they pay third party developers to not show content relating to the PS4.

  10. this last point is because of latency issues. Due to this last point, there is virtually no way for the Xbox to match up to the PS4. So, it is indubitably the Xbox that will drag the industry down. Moreover, while Sony has arranged sufficient flow of their RAM for console production leading to release, Microsoft is anticipating problems with their little 32mbs of RAM they only put in to PARTIALLY compensate for the discrepancy between the higher quality PS4 ram and the Xbox's shared 8Gb.

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