Driveclub Review

Driveclub Review


Driveclub Review


  1. exaggerated review, lets say Kevin Vanord is better at reviewing RPGs than racing games. I have been playing enough into this game, its a lot of fun and immediate. it didnt bother me much the lack of american cars, more the crazy amount of german cars in the early phases of the game. God I hate VW golfs and audis.. ah ah

  2. Best engine sound the even cut the music because they know how good it sound, this idiot didnt even show off the best cars in the game, sense of speed is something you wont find in any racing game, best graphics of any racing games and attention to details is amazing, the weather is something you wont find somewhere else, races has many challenges in the game, no racing game kept me hooked love it

  3. im like the only ps4 owner here that fucking hates this game. The physics are fucking trash and ive tried so many times to like it. I really want to love this game but its disappointing as fuck. this game is a piece of shit

  4. I really enjoy this game but I ABSOLUTELY agree with the point of AI cars rearending ME and ME getting punished for vehicle impact

  5. This game runs only on 30 FPS and the graphics is not that good also the driving physics could be better. GT4 for PS2 was much better and fun game for me. I have to sold Driveclub i tried it but don't like it.

  6. 2 years on and I'm about to reinstall this onto my ps4 pro. It's now under £10.00 pre owned and well worth it even if it's just for a handful of your favourite tracks/cars. The weather system has been implemented and from memory is among the best seen in any racing game.

  7. This game is amazing best driving game I've played in a while since I made the move from Xbox and can no longer play forza I've been waiting for a great driving game. When driving a high performance car I honestly get a buzz the racing is intense and your comment on it being a barebones games that's how a driving game should not NFS which is over the top and unrealistic any problem you've mentioned I haven't experienced. And I will make this the last game spot review I watch due to your innacurate and unfair assessment of the game.

  8. I noticed that while drifting around corners, I needed to keep pressing R2 button for the throttle. Is there any way of making the ride smoother?

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