Does it really matter if you lay your xbox 360 on its...

Does it really matter if you lay your xbox 360 on its side (horizontally) instead of standing it up vertically?



  1. Lay your console down and wrap it with a thin towel. This will extend the life of your console by creating a better filter for the vent (less dust). Never stand your console upright, you risk scratching disks or knocking it over. Also, try to keep it off the ground as much as possible.

  2. if u put it vertical u block air vents on whatever side it is on. This gives it more of a chance to get overheated and the red rings of death. Also u also have risk of hitting it and destroying the game inside.

  3. No it just if u have more room i guess lay it horizontally but either way doesn’t affect it.

  4. No,but if you accidentally bump the xbox while it is vertical,it will ruin the game. I’m not sure about this on its side though,I don’t usually put its side,because I don’t have the room.

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