do ps2 games work on ps3?

do ps2 games work on ps3?



  1. Only the original 20, 60 and SOME 80GB PS3 models had this feature. But honestly it’s not a big deal. If I want to play a PS2 game, I will play it on my PS2 like any logical person would. PS2 games are designed for PS2s and PS3 games are designed for PS3s. It’s not a hard concept.

    Hope that helps.

  2. ps3 slim: no.

    first 3 generation of the ps3 fat: yes.

    basically, if there are 4 ports in the front, it will play ps2 games. if it has 2 ports, it will not play ps2 games.

  3. depends if you bought the ps3 that runs them. there is one that runs both and there is one that runs only ps3 games

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