DIABLO 3 NECROMANCER HARDCORE Xbox One Lets Play – Part 1 (A...

DIABLO 3 NECROMANCER HARDCORE Xbox One Lets Play – Part 1 (A Necro Start)


DIABLO 3 NECROMANCER HARDCORE Xbox One Lets Play - Part 1 (A Necro Start)

New info: Diablo 3 Necromancer (Dev Q&A)


  1. Why can I not assign skills from the same catagory on different buttons. As in command skeletons and army of the dead on different buttons. I see you get arrows to switch the catagory but I do not.

  2. it's not very often that a YouTuber even See's a comment let alone answers to the comment even if the vid didn't earn you a sub replying to a comment did. you made my day.

  3. blood more like blood mags in wow necro shud be all abut souls death corpses not got blood lot mobs explode

  4. bone golem its rip off from game neverwinter nights 1 and 2 and online blood golems rip of from aria from d3 leas mom

  5. nercro cud be both pick male fight or range if onle go male tons fans from d2 necro not like it maybe add new cless ho not be at d2 to be orignal new male atacks and necro be more tons pets + range hits necro finaly mag so its as tell shaman us sword mace or wizard us shild and bows

  6. Hi guys i hear some things here But if i must pay for some chars like necro that is some kind broke for me the game so i must leav the game because: Necro Pala Amazon are standart chars in diablo2 and we dont have them here!!! so pay its not a option here!!And plzz make some rune words like D2 make it some how intresting and let this pay option away make the game like it must be !!!

  7. So. At about 1:50….The guy on the left looks like they edited him in.
    He is all blurry, but the lady and the guy on the right are crystal clear. wtf?

  8. All these people bitching about $20 id pay up to $60 for it. You people are cheep and won't everything spoon fed to you like gta dlcs.

  9. as a d2 avid fan i don't really like where d3 went after first inferno nerf. it was better before then but even so felt a lot less than what it could have been. i dislike the paragon system and not gaining stats per levels and the direction they went with in reaper of souls (which i refused to buy) furthered my contempt for the game and in a nutshell it is because it's basically raining legendaries and rares are useless (i love finding rare items in d2 and they can be very strong as well). i also dislike the difficulty slider and i feel they could have worked a better progressive system but also incorporate a better story or campaign (all i see in my friends list are people farming greater rifts). trading was also an aspect i loved about d2 and i know it's hard to balance but removing it altogether was a poor solution. i can only keep faith and hope as many others do that d4 will be a name worthy of the diablo universe

  10. I would say they should have made an expansion and offer us both the Necromancer and Druid together whit another Act. The theme of the expansion should be the aftermath (and the rebuilding of the damage Malthael has done) of the Reapers and the contrast between life (druid) and death (necromancer).The story doesn't need to be long but it should include character development, something for each class, a conclusion for each of them and the fear of Tyrael coming to life and  the duty of the Necromancer who maintains the balance between life and death, and the duty of the Druid to protect Nature.

  11. i met the necromancer on a Diablo 3 quest im not sure what name but he had a skeleton army for more info reply

  12. Funny he mentioned how Vanilla D2 Zoomancer skellies get fucked hard as soon as you start Nightmare. They would die after 1 hit. Good thing they fixed that later though.

    Part of the problem was also that we invested way too many points into Summon Skeleton instead of Skeletal Mastery. I miss those ignorant days.

  13. Hey Rykker another great vid. Thank you for the upload but I have a question while we are talking about evil. What's your view on Trump?

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