Dark Souls 2 PS4 gameplay – 5 Reasons You Must Play It...

Dark Souls 2 PS4 gameplay – 5 Reasons You Must Play It Again!


Dark Souls 2 PS4 gameplay - 5 Reasons You Must Play It Again!

Dark Souls 2 PS4 - 60fps Walkthrough Part 2 - Forest of Fallen Giants

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  1. i played bloodborne (my first souls game) and it is one of my fav game of all time. i played ds3 next and it was really good. should i play ds2 now on the ps4?

  2. haha that was a good example of how changing enemy placement basically makes this a different game :) maybe if they could keep both placement setting and you have an option to switch, but hopefully not random, since game is hard enough.

  3. As someone who just beat DS3 as my first souls experience and loved it, should I get this? I've heard a lot of hate but also plenty of love for it. I really want DS1 but I can't get it since I'm on PS4. I just want to know some good pros and cons, because this game looks pretty fun.

  4. Should I pick this up or jump straight to Bloodborne as it's on the easter special on PSN?

  5. Dying is a part of Dark Souls, I expect to die. There's nothing more satisfying than beating a boss after dying 20/30 times.

  6. Seen a lot of footage but never played any of the games (Demon S, Dark Souls 1 or 2, BB) but I'm really hyped about Dark Souls 3, already pre-ordered it. Now Dark Souls 2 remastered edition is on sale for €25. Is it a good buy to get me prepared for Dark Souls 3?
    PS: Only have PS4

  7. Please answer this, anyone. Is this the full Dark Souls 2 game with added DLC? or just a 15-20 hour DLC. I'm a complete noob at Dark Souls/Demon Souls/Bloodborne. I do know playing defensively and strategically is the best way. I've played Witcher 3, and I'm aware it's probably 10x harder, but I digress… I'm curious if this is the full game. Because is $25 at Gamestop.

  8. Eres increĂ­ble jugĂĄndolo. Pero en el menĂș de los Ă­tem haces todo muy rĂĄpido y no se aprecia bien lo que haces. Y ya que no comentas en el vĂ­deo serĂ­a bueno que hagas las compras y el subir de nivel mas despacio.

  9. Also I can see you are rushing through it a bit when it comes to the fighting I mean I get the fighting compared to ds1 is a little sped up but you are still going to fast in the fights don't take a group head on. Be patient use your shield dodge or whatever look for an opening this game will test your limits just be patient patience is key to ds. Be patient loom for an opening same as boss fights same method doing this will allow to take less damage always keep you shield up at least when your under attack at the very least you can't always dodge you could roll off something and die for example sometimes its safer to block. Take advice from a vet of DS it would be wise.

  10. How is matchmaking in this game? Is Co-op still a hassle like it was on PS3 or did they improve it at all?

  11. you do know that the door up the stairs above the bonfire which is locked just needs to be hit for it to smash open. the room beyond it contains an axe so you didn't need to waste souls buying one.

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