Clash of the Titans Walkthrough – Quest 1: Song of the Siren

Clash of the Titans Walkthrough – Quest 1: Song of the Siren


Clash of the Titans Walkthrough - Quest 1: Song of the Siren


  1. Isn't Hesiod like the man who wrote Theogony, kinda like the Ancient Greek version of the Book of Genesis

  2. the WORST God of War clone ever. I threw up after 5 minutes of playing this worthless shit excuse for a game.

  3. I am really glad I own a strong gaming pc now and dont waste my money on crappy consoles and crappy games

  4. Poor animation, bad programming, some seriously god awful voice acting and in general just a bad game. The only decent part is the gameplay and you'd be much better off playing bayonetta or devil may cry (though the gameplay isn't the same it's certainly similar, and allot more fun too)

  5. christanity can make anything for the money i know they represent our great prophet jesus and think that he was son of god but inside he was prophet of Allah and son of virgin merry

  6. Do you know how stupid it would look if he flew around in sandals Nghia Ngo? huehuehue. I don't think they rly care about creec mythology as long as they make money :)

  7. The movie and game insult Greek mythology with falsehood. Bellerophon rode Pegasus. Perseus used winged sandals of Hermes to fly, not Pegasus.

  8. The one who mistook Zeus as her husband was Alcmene, mother of Hercules/Heracles. The movie mixed elements from Hercules, Perseus, and Bellerophon and Pegasus

  9. Also, Perseus's mother Danae was alive even after he married Andromeda. She was impregnated by golden rain Zeus, not in her husband's appearance.

  10. Kraken does not even exist in the story. It is called the Cetus and it is a sea serpent, not afreaking giant octopus for God's sake.

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