CGR Undertow – TALES OF XILLIA review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – TALES OF XILLIA review for PlayStation 3


CGR Undertow - TALES OF XILLIA review for PlayStation 3


  1. I like xillia, but yes, the Jazz music is so out of place in the stages they use it…also to many twists, what really is happening is this, but wait, what really is happening is this not that, but wait the real thing was an other one plugged to the first, but you know what…sorry for the spoiler in here but as mush as Jude and Milla are the main characters, I thing that Alvin is the perfect synthesis of whats going on with this story, the story goes in so mush twists that in a point I just felt like "this story dont knows where is going anymore or what it for Alvin character was a good move on my opinion, but for the story…I just stop listening to what really is happening with the spirits and etc, I just felt the writers of the game were doing the same as Lost, come with what ever and latter invent something..I think the voice acting was really good, just look the actors in this game, you have people like Matthew Marcel, have you ever check the list of characters he made for anime and video games, is huge, and honestly I do think most of english voice actors do a bad job on jrpg and anime, but some of the good ones were in this game, I get milla was flat, but I think that is the character, all calmed and cold all the time .My faves are symphonia, Abyss, and I have to say this is the 3 on my list, I don't get why people like graces or hart on the other hand, all is so flat and easy on thous two.

  2. Symphonia and Phantasia are my personal faves. There are so many more that I can't think of any worth playing besides the PS1 titles that were released here.

  3. Star Ocean no longer exists and then 2 years later a new Star Ocean is announced…… This goes to show you even if they say that is the last game that don't mean shit because they can always pull a rabbit out of their ass. I still need to finish The Last Hope but this game is 9 bucks on PSN right now so I will add it to my back log of JRPGs I need to finish/restart.

  4. I don't mind this guy but don't like the other guy. Is there anyway to tell who's reviewing what?

  5. Mutton merchant in town- MUTTONS!!! FRESH MUTTONS!!!!
    Me- Oh muttons are in town

    Mutton merchant in next town- MUTTONS!!! FRESH MUTTONS!!!!
    Me- hes here too??

    Mutton merchant in every other town visited- MUTTONS!!! FRESH MUTTONS!!!!

  6. Loved this Game! To bad Tales of Xilla 2 was not as good. Can't wait for Tales of Zestiria!

  7. pretty good game so far, picked this one up and xillia 2 for 30 bucks online during a sale, both games added to my massive backlog and will probably beat both by 2025

  8. time to buy this with tales of graces…… I am playing Final fantasy but the turn based stuff isn't my cup of tea but this combat system makes me happy. I like action based combat in Rpg's ( I don't mind turn base just don't prefer it )

  9. I just bought this game a moment ago.
    I'm pretty excited, because I love RPGs & colorful anime.
    Can't wait to start playing this game.
    Although I'm also sad, since RPGs demand lot's of hours to play & I don't have much time for games these days.

    One reason for purchase was the four player possibility in this game.
    I was looking for multiplayer games, but it's getting harder & harder to find one.
    I'm of course talking about ORIGINAL multiplayer experience, not online mp.

  10. My first Tales game, I went the whole hog and got the C.E. and wasn't disappointed. Really well made statue and excellent game.

  11. so the voice acting is bad?
    let me clarify this for you:
    nearly every person on this planet claims that the voice acting of your native language in an anime or JRPG is horrible.
    English is not my native language (as you can tell from my bad grammars) and i absolutely loved the voice acting of this game (yes even millas).
    …see what i`m trying to point out?

  12. This is the best for my ta
    Battle system great, not a linear World, 4 multiplayer coop, link system, finally no teens, music and one of the best intros ever in tales by Ayumi Hamasaki.

  13. All Tales games seemed to be really similar. I just noticed the other day while playing Vesperia, every game has a traitor. EVERY game. Whether they betray you in the beginning, middle or end, you get betrayed. There's always the big boobed character that the flat chested character hates(That's most jrpgs really lol). Even thiugh they're riddled with plot twists, they're usually unexpected. 

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