Can you download off other PSN stores on the PS4?

Can you download off other PSN stores on the PS4?


I’m getting a PS4 soon and here I don’t think my country has the NHL Gamecenter our PSN.

Is it possible to change briefly to the US PSN Store to download? Will this work?


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  1. I’m not sure what Kenny is on about, but if a game is digitally unavailable in your region, then the only way to play it is either by buying the physical game(made for your region) or to play/download it illegally.

  2. yes,and it is called game sharing.It only works on two ps4 game systems though.I have tried it myself.

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  4. you can create a new user and second account for another country but you still won;t get nhl game center because it used your ip address and location data to see if you’re in a country that licenses the content

    it will simply not allow you to view the video from nhl game center in you are not in the U.S or Canada , the nhl is pretty anal about licencing deals so they block their content in unsupported countries

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