Bluetooth Headset for my PS3?

Bluetooth Headset for my PS3?


OK. I have the Headset and i’ve even used it before with Resistance: Fall of man. But it just seems hard to use. I mean i have to turn it on, and have the ps3 find it everytime i turn it on, test it to make sure it can hear me before i use it. Then i get online and it seems like it isn’t working so when i hit the button on the head set it like makes the ps3 freeze. Then the controller flashes and stops working. I think it because the controller is connected by using bluetooth technology so it gets confused on whats what? Anyone have this problem or know of a good head set thats EASY to use. Turn it on and play.You know?

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  1. Are they both set to the same channel (i.e. 1) for instance? I know that the controllers pair with bluetooth too, so that’s a possibility.

  2. If what other people said didn’t work then.

    There is an option in the online option menu for the usage of the microphone/BT headset.

  3. i had that same problem!! every time i turned on my headset my PS3 would freeze!!

    when i want to use it now i go in the audio device settings and click connect bluetooth and it dosnt freeze anymore

  4. I’ve had the same problem. This is what I do.

    1. Turn my PS3 on and make sure I’m not on my cell phone.

    2. Log on to my User Name

    3. Connect (pair) my bluetooth

    4. Log into the game

    I no longer press the button unless I receive no audio. If I’m playing resistance, I go to Audio Settings and make sure the input and output are on my headset. If that doesn’t work, I reset the system and do it all over again, BUT with my controller plugged in. I don’t unplug the controller until I’m 100% sure that I’m receiving audio through my bluetooth.

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