Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Costumes Trailer

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Costumes Trailer


Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Costumes Trailer


  1. este ninja gaiden esta del nabo, gracias a dios que es solo un spin off, parece un god of war combinado con los movimientos de spiderman, porque a comparacuon de ryu, este no se mueve como un ninja,

    que lamentable :(

  2. Ninja Gaiden is also bloody, I find this game horrible, It doesn't look like Ninja Gaiden, It looks like madness

  3. What The Hell is Wrong with You Guys, This Game is a Spin off of a Ninja Gaiden, SPIN OFF, You IDIOTS

  4. Everyone keeps talking about Ninja Gaiden for NES (Which was bad ass don't get me wrong) but what of Ninja Gaiden Black/Sigma and Ninja Gaiden II/Sigma II. These two are even more bad ass then the NES ones! Same can't be said for Ninja Gaiden III/Razors Edge

  5. I really dislike it when a potentially beautiful cel-shaded art style turns out looking like any other mildly modded Unreal Engine 3 game…

  6. It's like Ninja Gaiden did some freaky things with Lollipop Chainsaw and this is their spawn.

  7. And to add I've beaten the first ninja gaiden on all difficulties since 2004 to now That's because I really love the first game I even have sigma on ps3 right now.

  8. I certainly hope their working on ninja gaiden 4 right now….. because this being the last ninja gaiden game would really suck. And I'm a true ninja gaiden fan so I might get this………….But I want my ryu hayabusa back and the original voice actor. and my original sexy gameplay with all my combos please. 60$ day one buy if that's the case   

  9. Haha, bet people didn't expect THAT kind of fanservice out of Yaiba,
    nice to see Team Ninja use their fanservice habit for something fun.

  10. This is so not what I expected from the thumbnail however this game looks freaking awesome!!!

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