Xbox or stay w/ the ps3?

Xbox or stay w/ the ps3?


I’m currently on ps3 and I really love it, but the games get kinda old and they’re always the same when it comes to sequels of the game, my friend is selling his xbox w/ a few games and minecraft. Should I stay with ps3 or xbox?

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  1. Stay with the PS3. Xbox sucks rround minature airtight peas. Trust me dude.

    It’s because your playing all the bad games.

    Get Far cry 3, BF3 Premium, and Skyrim.

  2. I have a PS3 and have played a bunch of Xbox at friends’ houses. Each console has its’ pros and cons. PS3 pros are free Internet along with exclusivity to some of my favorite games( uncharted ). Cons are that some people argue it is not as user friendly as the Xbox. Xbox pros are that they are said to be easier to use. They also have a few exclusive games; though I can’t think of any now. They also have that contract where they get updates for COD games early. PS3 didn’t get Revolution for BO2 until just a little bit ago, but Xbox had it over a month before. An obvious con is the paying for online play, but it appears to crash less than PS3. A con for me and a actually the major reason I don’t have one is the bulky controllers, but that is entirely opinion and you should try both out to see which controller you like better.

  3. how about wait until the next gen xbox and ps3 gets released and chose one of those. Im not suprised that you think the ps4 is getting old because its been out since 2006. Just wait until one of those is released, see what people who bought them right away think about them and make a decision

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